BrittanyBrittany Volk is the Features Design Director and snack provider for the Tampa Bay Times. Working alongside opinionated writers, editors, photographer and artists, she delightfully moves words and pictures around on pages. There’s logic behind her layouts, but honestly, sometimes it’s just a gut feeling (built from years of obsessive organizational skills).

She’s also an art director, commissioning illustrations for Times stories from talented artists all over the globe. As someone who can barely draw a stick figure, this part of her job is the most fun.

Wanting to share her troubling TV habit, Brittany started writing for the Times. She writes about all things pop culture and food. Find a recent collection of her words here.

Forever a Midwesterner at heart who only misses sweaters, not the freezing-nose-hair cold weather, Brittany grew up in Iowa City, Iowa, and graduated from the University of Iowa in 2009 with degrees in Journalism and Studio Art. It’s a millennial miracle to have her dream job using the degrees she worked hard for. Download her complete resume here if you’d like to see how busy she’s always been.

One day, Brittany’s friends will stop getting married, but in the meantime, she’s happy to lend her talent designing their wedding paper goods, especially when they splurge for letterpress printing.

Brittany lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, and she’ll always complain about the heat.

Illustration by Marilena Perilli.